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About Us

Our Team of Owner/Operators are all big foodies at heart. Enthusiastic and caring in the way our meals are designed and put together. Packing every recipe with lip-smacking, delectable flavours and high nutritional value. Using quality ingredients, we aim to create great food that is BIG on Flavour and Low on Cost.

HomeCater is a part of Nutrifare Ltd, a Food Manufacturing Company in the heart of Otahuhu Auckland. Our premises have evolved over the years into a facility has been able to provide quality food for the Supermarkets, Delicatessens, Catering establishments and into the homes of New Zealanders.

Today we continue preparing and delivering quality ready to eat meals direct to end consumers. Fresh chilled and frozen food products are created and produced for the retail trade. Our staff of over 30 are a team. Everyone is valued for the expertise, care, love and passion that they put into all our products and services. The result is a happy, inducive work environment with great customer satisfaction.

Creating our menu of healthy, delicious food has been our pleasure. A pleasure that we are sure you will enjoy!